Call Me Karizma w/ Justin Stone

Saturday, October 02
Doors: | 8pm // Show: | 9pm
$15 to $55

Lost Lake Presents Call Me Karizma with Justin Stone on Saturday, October 2

Call Me Karizma, 23, is an independent alternative rapper from Minneapolis. He has amassed a strong online following, speaking out as a voice of inspiration to his followers through promoting his message of self love. Sonically reminiscent of acts like Twenty One Pilots and Eminem, Karizma’s records combine melodic hooks with heartfelt lyrics, bridging the sounds of hip hop and indie rock. Karizma's mission is to help, and to be a source of hope, for teens and young adults who are suffering from depression and mental health issues. Through his music, he shows people that he has dealt with similar struggles and that things can get better. As a live act Karizma recently brought his raw and energetic performance to 24 cities on a sold out, self booked US tour. This year Karizma will be releasing a three part project, titled "The Gloomy Tapes". They will chronicle his life, his stories, and his opinions on what is going on in the world. The first project “The Gloomy Tapes Volume 1” drops June 28th. The forthcoming single, "Johnny", tells a powerful and graphic story about a school shooting, with a strong message about mental health and our countries youth. The single drops June 14th. All proceeds from the song will go to NAMI, an organization that works with government and schools to put youth mental health programs in place.