The Lost Lake is hiring a Full-time General Manager, Part-time Bartender and Part-time sound engineers! 

Hiring Full-Time General Manager:

Job Description: Full-time position requiring nights, weekends and some daytime availability.

Duties include: Lost Lake lounge and music venue General Manager with daily task such as, but not limited to inventory, ordering product, settling cash drawers, scheduling, organizing premises, training and hiring of new employees, artist hospitality, troubleshooting issues that arise, manage overall functionality of the business and building. Bartending shifts are available with this position 1-2 nights a week.

Qualities: The qualified candidate should have a strong ability to lead, manage and communicate well with guest, staff and peers and have a strong passion for customer service. Bar & Restaurant experience is a plus. The person who fills this role should care about the business, the safety of everyone involved, customer service, and be willing to pick up slack wherever needed. 

Requirements: 2+ years experience in customer service, money/cash management with references for money handling and cash management, multi-tasking, ability to hustle, must be able to lift 35lbs, clean and stock bar, troubleshoot problems when they arise, & contribute to team. Must have weekend availability & late nights with some daytime availability. Hourly + bartending tips, approx $47,000-$60,000 yr. To apply: Please email a narrative of your interest and resume to [email protected] with HIRE ME in the subject line.

Hiring experienced Bartender: Wanted, Hard-working experienced bartender that can sustain high volume workload, work well with our team, is energetic, and has liquor knowledge including cocktail/shots. 

Requirements: Money/cash management, Tips training, 2+ years bar experience. Ability to lift 25lbs, hustle, multitask, operate a POS system, handle money, must clean and stock bar, & contribute to team. Must have weekend availability & late nights work. 2-3 shifts a week $15hr + tips ($20-60/hr). To apply: Please email a narrative of your interest and resume to [email protected] with HIRE ME in the subject line

Hiring a Part-Time Audio Engineer: 

Duties include: Operating sound and light system in a busy live music venue. 

Qualifications: 2+ years of audio engineer experience, formal education as a audio engineer, excellent communication skills, ability to get along with performers, other audio engineers, and management. Ability to lift 35 lbs, troubleshoot and fix audio equipment. Ability to protect A/V equipment from damage. 

Work Environment: Will be working in a music venue setting with DJ artist both local and national in a loud environment.

Pay structure & benefits: Part-time position with pay range of $21-$25 hour depending on experience and time in position. To apply: Please email a narrative of your interest and resume to [email protected] with HIRE ME in the subject line.


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